Delegates Testimonials from London Core Review Course


2014 Feedback Comments

"Very well structured and comprehensive. Day 4 very interesting with well chosen topics and presentations. Really appreciate the learning material and possible to go through the presentation in my own time too. Friendly atmosphere."

"Thank you for the amazing effort. it was very beneficial and incredibly helpful in laying the foundation for me as a junior cardiac surgery resident."

"Excellent , extensive course. Good preparation for the exam. Lots to take in in 3 days. However some lecture were frankly ready from the manual which I could achieve through reading myself .Other lecture were very stimulating and proactive to think and to thrive for knowledge. I'm very impressed . Would recommend it to all FRCS-CTH candidates."

"Enjoyable, excellent course. Very useful to get an idea of what lies ahead on my training pathway."

"I have enjoyed and learn much more and the books are very precious materials. I am profoundly grateful to Kamran Baig, Aziz and other team who have worked hard to arrange such a nice review. I am also very thankful to RCS staff for their hard work"

"Excellent course, thanks to all of you."

2013 Feedback Comments

"Overall it was an excellent experience for me especially travelling all the way from Pakistan was completely worth the money and effort. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness and would specially like to thank Mr. Momin and Mr. Baig for their welcoming and encouraging attitude. I would recommend this course to all my colleagues."

"Excellent course. Very comprehensive and good value for money."

"Excellent all round course. Best value for money course I have ever attended. The speakers were outstanding. Need to have more courses like this one!"

"Intense but highly enjoyable and I'm sure it will form the foundation of my FRCS revision - thank you."

2012 Feedback Comments

"My big thank you goes to the organising team for bringing this course to us in Europe and for all their hard work to organise the meeting that according to my experience went without any problem. Actually I think every cardiothoracic surgeon should attend this course at least once, better repeatedly"
Cardiothoracic Spr, Bristol. 2012

"This new and improved Core Review course was an invaluable aid for my exam and, as chief resident, i'm recommending all the younger trainees to be sent to this course twice during their training. Very good and helpful course.. The thoracic lectures were ideal. My most sincere thanks to course directors for organising and delivering this excellent review course. It was a very well organised, comprehensive course covering all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery, from basic science to new development. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend it to all trainees and those interested in lecturing in cardiothoracic surgery."
Cardiothoracic Spr, Bristol. 2012

"Excellent course - Excellent content and lectures – Brrrilliant"
Cardiothoracic Spr, Oxford. 2012

"Just to highlight that I think this course would be very good at the start of HST/ST3 and just prior to the exams. Overall, this was an excellent course and many thanks to all the faculty for giving up their time and contributing to such a good review course.Overall the course was excellent. There was a huge amount of information to cover across attendees who were at various levels of training and post-qualification."
Cardiothoracic Spr, Dublin. 2012

"Exceptionaly good managment, extremely well run all around, excellent teaching and exotic excellent food. And deserve extra special marks for the material/CD which will help to revise and for referance."
NTN, Newcastle. 2012

"Sat this course in my first registrar year (ST3) and have come back to my unit with a very positive opinion of this course and think it is best sat at the beginning of training and prior to the exam."
NTN, Northern Ireland. 2012

"Excellent course"
NTN, London. 2012

2011 Feedback Comments

"The course was very well organised and very helpful for the exam"
Senior Cardiothoracic Spr Oxford. 2011

"I passed the written exam, largely I have to say, thanks to an intense period of work during which I went over the Core Review Course lecture by lecture"
Cardiothoracic Surgery Senior Spr, London. 2011

"My most sincere congratulations for the organization and delivery of this course"
Cardiac Surgery Trainee, Portugal. 2011

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course"
Cardiothoracic Senior Registrar, Manchester. 2011